A city as soft as silk

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Krefeld was once a centre of the European silk industry and became one of Prussia’s richest cities by dint of textile production. The German Textile Museum (in the historic old quarter of Linn) and the House of Silk Culture in town serve as a reminder of that. Lots of parks, which emerged from the country estates of silk barons, are well worth seeing and continue to characterise the townscape today, as well as the idyllic municipal park. For shopping lovers, the city centre framed by four ramparts (with the shopping streets of Hochstraße, Rheinstraße and Königstraße) offers a great shopping experience.

Krefeld Zoo and the impressive Kaiser Wilhelm Museum are also worthwhile destinations. The Esters House and Lange House museums built in the Bauhaus style by Mies van der Rohe are well worth seeing too. On no account should you miss out on a ride on the historic Schluff steam train. The leisurely tour goes to Hülser Berg, which has an observation tower and game reserve.

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