Come on into our strawberry garden

Sweet and juicy, red and delicious: strawberries are the fruit of seduction. Nibble strawberries with cream, feast on a slice of strawberry tart or enjoy a glass of sparkling strawberry wine: all versions of the fruit taste good. But strawberries are at their most delicious when freshly picked from the field. And there’s plenty of that between the Rhine and Meuse rivers. Join us on a discovery tour: the Lower Rhine is a big strawberry garden!

Strawberry season in the Lower Rhine begins around April and ends in July. It depends a little on weather conditions, and varieties also play a role. Since many people already yearn for strawberries in spring, farmers also grow them in greenhouses to enable them to enjoy the coveted sweet fruits even earlier. But strawberries do prefer to be exposed to the sun out in the field.

Strawberries are simply part of early summer. They taste delicious, are healthy, and enjoy a good reputation as a source of vitamins and a pick-me-up. Yet the aromatic fruits are extremely low in calories. Who can resist that?

They are sold fresh at markets and in the many farm shops along the Lower Rhine. Being self-sufficient is a special experience: that is, picking your own strawberries from the field. It’s wonderful fun for families with children. PYO and pop them straight into a basket – it doesn’t get fresher than that. After all, no strawberries taste as good as those you’ve picked yourself. Fresh strawberries from the Lower Rhine: simply a delight!

Did you know…

…that, botanically, strawberries aren’t even berries? They’re so-called accessory aggregate fruits. The red pulp is just the pseudo-fruit; the little yellow seeds on the surface are the actual fruits of the strawberries. What we consume is the thick, fleshy receptacle. Strawberries belong to the rose family – and they’ve been around since at least the Stone Age.

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