Garden design in the Lower Rhine

Anyone who has ever experienced this Baroque garden with its meticulously cut hedges, water features and exuberant flower displays is simply overwhelmed. Visitors won’t get over their astonishment. Pergolas, beautiful steps, terraced gardens: what the monks of the Order of Cistercians at Kamp Abbey achieved is an outstanding example of great garden design along the Lower Rhine. This park is quite rightly compared to Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam again and again.

The Terraced Gardens in Kamp-Lintfort are a prime example of well-tended garden culture in the Lower Rhine. The association ‘Straße der Gartenkunst zwischen Rhein und Maas e.V.’ (Garden Route between the Rhine and Meuse Rivers) has tasked itself with raising public awareness of the outstanding gardens along this tourist route. The sponsoring association is headquartered in Dyck Castle in Jüchen and thus at the heart of a historic park that is unparalleled.

Surrounding the Rococo residence, the 53-hectare English garden is a piece of landscape architecture that nature lovers should experience. Curved paths, rolling hills, meadows and woods, and an impressive moated castle in the middle, offer an incomparable panorama. The groups of trees, some of which are 200 years old, are striking; the park offers a splendid play of colours with the changing seasons, and the show gardens give visitors tips for their own garden.

Parks as green lungs

The idea to establish an association came about at the Decentralised State Garden Show in 2002, which, under the name ‘Garden Design at the Lower Rhine’, made it clear how rich the treasure trove of garden design in the region is. The association set itself the task of cherishing this cultural heritage – and all fans of garden design benefit from it.

Any fan of garden design must also see the Forest Garden in Cleves. In the 17th century, Prince John Maurice of Nassau-Siegen transformed his royal seat into a breathtaking park landscape with a game reserve and amphitheatre. Later, the gardens were redesigned in the English style – and are impressive examples of magnificent garden design today.

As are Moyland Castle Gardens, not far away in Bedburg-Hau. Art, nature and architecture weave together to make for a great experience.

The city of Krefeld is a must for fans of landscape design in an urban setting. It offers historic gardens lined up like a string of pearls, many of which stem from ideas of the city’s former textile barons and which are open to the public today. For residents and visitors, Schönwasser and Sollbrüggen parks as well as the City Forest form something akin to the green lungs of the city.

The Garden Route between the Rhine and Meuse rivers is recommended for anyone with a passion for gardens and landscape architecture. Along the Lower Rhine, these include:

  • Schlosspark Moyland
  • Schlosspark Dyck und die neuen Gärten
  • Terrassengarten Kamp-Lintfort
  • Forstgarten und Amphitheater Kleve
  • Haus Esters
  • Haus Lange
  • Burgpark Linn
  • Greiffenhorstpark
  • Sollbrüggenpark
  • Schönwasserpark
  • Schönhausenpark
  • Landschaftspark Heilmannshof und Stadtwald
  • Schlosspark Moers
  • Bunter Garten in Mönchengladbach
  • Schlossparke Rheydt und Wickrath
  • Schlosspark Neersen
  • Niederrheinische Garten in Xanten

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