Rhine District of Neuss

History, culture and customs at the heart of the Rhineland

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Anyone who explores the Rhine District of Neuss encounters a multitude of historical buildings. Around 2,000 years ago, the Romans settled at the mouth of the River Erft on the Lower Rhine. The toll fortress of Zons and the historic town centre of Liedberg bring the Middle Ages to life, and the splendour of more than 40 manor houses, abbeys, palaces and mills attests to bygone days.

Utmost importance is attached to customs throughout the district; shooting festivals are especially popular. Neuss Alpine Park, which is open all year round, and Dyck Castle, with its impressive English landscaped park, are extraordinary attractions.

Cultural crowd-pullers are the Globe Theatre with its popular Shakespeare Festival and Hombroich Museum Island. Oekoven Narrow-gauge Railway Museum and Neuss Children’s Farm offer family-friendly days out and the viewing platforms at Garzweiler Surface Mine provide commanding views of the industrial landscape.

You can find more information about the offers in the Rhein Kreis Neuss at www.rhein-kreis-neuss.de.

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