Culinary world tour along the Lower Rhine

From recipes from Grandma’s kitchen to nouvelle cuisine

Joie de vivre through upmarket dining culture: the Schlemmer Atlas lists 79 prominent restaurants in the Lower Rhine. The spectrum ranges from the rustic furnishings and recipes from Grandma’s kitchen to a puristic, modern ambience and an open kitchen island. Succumb to temptation. We take you on a culinary world tour along the Lower Rhine!

Many Lower Rhenish restaurants are in the rankings of top gastronomy in North Rhine-Westphalia. The region between the Rhine and Meuse rivers offers a vast number of options for foodies. Many top chefs from the region rely on typical regional dishes and preparations for their specialities from the kitchen and cellar. Venison, asparagus and the widest range of cabbage varieties play a prominent role. Chefs de cuisine repeatedly emphasise how important the best ingredients are to the success of their culinary creations. Above all, they rely on organically grown regional products that promise marked quality.

A culinary pleasure tour can be the cherry on top of a successful excursion. Many restaurants are considered top destinations in themselves because of their exquisite cuisine, with gourmet connoisseurs specifically heading there for long weekends, for instance. Beautifully presented meals associated with true delights for the palate contribute to genuine relaxation and heighten joie de vivre. Just give it a try sometime.

Visitors benefit from a characteristic trait of dedicated chefs: they put their heart and soul into cooking for their guests. They eagerly dish up regional specialities and menus. However, gourmet restaurants and their chefs de cuisine also make an impression by offering elegantly compiled menu boards or inspiring their guests with seasonal recommendations. And the chefs de cuisine often pass on their knowledge and experience of recipes and exquisite preparations to their guests. In this way, a star chef at the Lower Rhine can also maintain an in-house cooking school. Real service for gourmets.

A visit to nouvelle cuisine is always associated with pleasures and flavours from all over the world. Of course, it is often French-inspired, offering southern European cuisine paired with Mediterranean flair. But excursions into Asian formulations or detours into vegetarian cuisine also have a very special allure. This is what many chefs de cuisine at the Lower Rhine stand for, thus turning a visit to their restaurants into a very special experience. And it almost goes without saying that they always serve their often ingenious taste creations with fine wine.

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