Exquisite juices for gourmets

Just take a bite. Apples are crunchy, delicious and full of vitamins. And the Lower Rhine is apple country. Our meadow orchards stand for the best quality. You can taste it. It’s no wonder that apple juices are popular here.


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Aromatic apples are processed at fruit juice factories. These regional products turn into gourmet juices and not only taste refreshing but also cut a fine figure as a non-alcoholic accompaniment to fine food at feasts. They offer exciting taste experiences and are much more than a replacement for wine.

Apples are just one example of the great fruit tradition along the Lower Rhine. Because plums, pears, cherries and quinces really thrive between the Rhine and Meuse rivers, their quality forming the basis for excellent fruit juices. Local organic products represent top products that also have high standing in gourmet gastronomy. Outstanding regionality that makes everything taste good along the Lower Rhine.

The homeland of Altbier

But the Lower Rhine is also the homeland of Altbier. So, the oldest Altbier brewery in the world is located in the Lower Rhine. Back in 1266, ‘Heinrich der Brauer’ (Henry the Brewer) obtained permission to brew beer here. And to this day, four raw materials that are needed to make beer are used: malt, water, hops and yeast.

The name Altbier (old beer) refers to the old top-fermented, traditional method of brewing. Its alcohol content is moderate: between 4.8 and 5.2 percent by volume. Incidentally, the beer gets its dark colour through the use of dark malts.

It’s served in comparatively small containers: in a 0.2-litre glass. Altbier glasses are unpretentious and no-frills in design. Like the Lower Rhenish people themselves. Simply pick up a glass and taste it – truly scrumptious. It tastes of home and tradition. Or you can simply make your own Altbier. You can give it a try at brewing courses.

Anyone who likes their alcohol stronger will stumble upon numerous distilleries between the Rhine and Meuse rivers. Cottage industries produce exquisite batches from regional fruit specialities. When tasting them, you can feel the delicate flavour on your tongue. The best ingredients and the best results.

Fancy a shot of something exotic? Mead is also produced along the Lower Rhine – honey wine like in the Middle Ages.

Drinking pleasure along the Lower Rhine

Hotel am Weiher in Erkelenz


Genussstation am 1. Raderlebnistag Niederrhein 07.07.20243-Sterne Superior Hotel mit Restaurant und Biergarten.

Landgasthof Schänzer

District of Wesel

Gutbürgerliche Küche

Café und Weinstube Harmes “Im Hinterhof”


Genießen Sie die Idylle zwischen den historischen Hauswänden und der liebevollen Einrichtung und den Antiquitäten.

WeinZeit Askamp


Ausspannen bei gutem Wein und leckeren Speisen direkt im Schatten des Weseler Doms.

Biergarten am Haus Erholung


Entspannung und Lebensfreude ist das Credo des wiedereröffneten Biergartens im Haus Erholung. Nur wenige Meter vom Alten Markt, Museum Abteiberg und der Einkaufsmeile entfernt trifft man auf eine grüne Oase mitten im Zentrum von Mönchengladbach und kann in unterschiedlich gestalteten Sitzbereichen entspannen oder Freunde und Familie treffen.

Biergarten Rheinpromenade Wesel


Mit direkten Blick auf den Rhein und dessen Auenlandschaft den Sonnenuntergang bei einem Getränk genießen.

Biergarten 99B – hinter der Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle


Willkommen im Biergarten 99B an der schönsten Location Mönchengladbachs. 

Weinkontor Kloster-Kraul


Auf unserem, von mediterranem Flair geprägten Anwesen in Hamminkeln-Wertherbruch, bringen wir ein Stück Urlaub in Ihren Alltag. Hier gibt es nicht nur gute Weine zu kaufen und zu verkosten, wir bieten mit unserer Eventgastronomie auch schöne Abende und kulturelle Programme. Außerdem einen Weingarten und viel Wissenswertes rund um den Wein. Auf 4.000 qm finden Sie […]

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